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The Piano Raft.

Produced by Andy Fallon

Ben Cummins has pulled his house raft one hundred and fifty miles, by rope, along the canal from Liverpool to Leeds.

He’s delivering a piano to London. And he’s given himself 25 years to complete the mission.

BBC Radio Solent

A story of unrequited love.

BBC Solent | Produced by Andy Fallon

Father Julian has been rejected, beaten and pushed to the brink of his life.
All because his life long calling was to become a priest.

His response, was to build his own Cathedral………at the bottom of his garden.

BBC Radio 4 | The Untold | Voice of an Angel

Produced by Sam Peach with Andy Fallon

This Christmas Eve, for the first time, Croydon Minster’s midnight mass is being broadcast to millions. But when you’re a choirboy whose voice is about to break, there’s no guarantee you’ll make it. In the edition of The Untold, two boys are coming to the end of their time in Croydon Minster Boy’s choir. They’re desperate to hold on until Christmas Eve, when they will have the chance to sing for the nation at BBC One’s Midnight Mass. If they can hit the notes there’s the chance of a solo, but with a voice deepening every day, only time will tell.

BBC Radio 4 | The Untold | Voice of an Angel

by Sam Peach with Andy Fallon