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Shakin Stevens | Album cover artwork 'Re-Set'
Gilbert O'Sullivan artwork for Driven.
Henry Cavill
Gilbert O'Sullivan | Album Artwork Driven
Peter Gabriel
Lilly Allen
Gavin Turk
Sir Bob Geldof
REM | Michael Stipe
Robert Plant | Led Zeppelin
Tom Hiddleston
Gilbert O'Sullivan
Kristian Nairn | Actor | Hodor
Emmylou Harris
Suggs of Madness
Noisettes | Shingai Shoniwa
Dave Grohl | The Foo Fighters
Michael Mcintyre
Spiritualized | Jason Pierce
Sir George Martin | Beatles producer
REM | Michael Stipe
Mick Hucknall
Shakin Stevens
The Killers
Dave Navarro | Jane's Addiction
Ricky Gervais | Comedian
Gilbert O'Sullivan Album photograph
Noel Fielding | Mighty Boosh

Musicians, actors & comedians

It has been a great pleasure for me to have photographed such a gifted set of performers over the years.


As a music photographer, I work with major record labels to produce sessions and album artwork. I provide a full range of services, including location scouting, studio hiring, hair and make-up, and stylists, with my full-service production package.



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