Soho Heroes | Bar Italia

Soho Heroes | Mario | Star Cafe

Soho Heroes | French House

Soho Heroes | Mark Powell

Soho Heroes | Gino Barbers

Soho Heroes | Trisha’s Bar

Soho Heroes | Jake Vegas

Soho Heroes | Madame Wade

Soho Heroes | Jazz After Dark | Sam

Soho Heroes | Little Italy | Anthony Polledri

Soho Heroes | Aldo’s

Soho Heroes | Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club

Soho Heroes is a collaboration with writer and musician Tim Arnold.

A collection of over sixty portraits that show the real face of London’s infamous Soho district.

“Whatever walk of life we all come from, we all have our own heroes, people who’s character and qualities help to shape, and enrich the day to day environment we live in.  Remarkably, all of my heroes can be found upon the golden mile where I have been fortunate enough to live and work for the past 21 years. Everyone has their own Soho, but this is mine, and these are my Soho Heroes.” – Tim Arnold.